Getting your Long Beach Home Ready for Sale

The Long Beach real estate market is a wonderfully diverse canvas. There are the $700,000 detached properties as well as the $255,000 half bungalows. Owning a little piece of this city costs the average home buyer about $441,800 even as the median list price is somewhat below this figure.

Are you getting ready to list your Long Beach home for sale? There is no need to dig too deeply into your pockets to have the property look attractive.

  • Enhance curb appeal through landscaping. This is the time to bag up the toys in the front yard, clean the gutters, mow and edge the grass, repair the window screens and add some bright flowers to the beds. A complete landscape overhaul is generally not required. For a really quick front yard facelift, add red cedar mulch to the flowerbeds. Not only does it beautify the landscape but it also makes your home stand out in the neighborhood.


  • Focus on the interior lights. Many a realtor will turn on the home’s lights when showing your property. A well-lit interior makes your home appear spacious and welcoming. If your light fixtures are in disrepair, do spend a few dollars to replace or repair them. Polish the fixtures, replace burnt out light bulbs and pay attention to the cleanliness of the window treatments. If the drapes are a bit dusty, now is a good time to have them cleaned.


  • Clean the kitchen and bathroom. Both of these areas are usually make-it-or-break-it first impressions for potential buyers. Grease splatters in the kitchen and mildew in the bathroom are major turnoffs. If necessary, enlist the one-time help of a cleaning service whose workers can do the heavy scrubbing for you. Should the other rooms of the home be clean and neat as well? Of course! Yet it is the kitchen and bathroom that really stand out to someone who walks through your property with an eye on perhaps buying it.


  • Polish and wax. When everything else is in place, polish the wood that is in your home. Whether it is a stair banister or the wooden kitchen cabinets, get them to shine! Brass light fixtures and copper pots that are hanging from decorative hooks in the kitchen both benefit from a good polish with material-appropriate cleaners. Again, a cleaning service will be happy to come in and spend the elbow grease on your behalf.

Of course, there is one additional aspect of getting your Long Beach home ready for sale that you cannot discount: staging. If your realtor offers to help you professional stage your home, it is wise home seller who enthusiastically agrees.

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